Automation can seem out of reach for many IT organizations. Red8, with Red Hat, has put together a playbook to help get you started on your way to the automated future.



Automation Playbook from Red8

Virtualization. Hybrid cloud. Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). Containers. Microservices. Each of these IT innovations was developed to help you work smarter. But as each of these new approaches gets layered into your IT environment, things can get…complicated.

Flawless end-user experiences rely on the tight alignment of an increasingly distributed environment. So, IT teams need to stretch in multiple directions, supporting complex, discrete computing platforms while still pushing the innovation envelope. As IT struggles to move faster, doing more with limited resources, a question arises:

We’re working smart. How can we work even smarter?

About Red8's Automation Practice

Red8’s team of Automation and DevOps experts has architected and implemented automation solutions for some of today’s leading enterprise organizations. Red8 has partnered and been certified by both traditional and emerging automation technology vendors to fully understand today’s landscape. Leverage this expertise for a solution that provides rapid, repeatable and revertible deployments.